Sunday, 24 June 2012

Still getting married!

In case you were worried by 5 months of inactivity, never fear - it has been filled with much studying (Clara) and working (Dave) and many Facetime conversations, Skype calls, and Air Canada flights. The result...Dave is feeling very useful at work and Clara might be able to examine your cranial nerves or elicit the odd deep tendon reflex here and there.

After a number of unsatisfactory wedding dress shopping experiences, we decided that Dave would make Clara's dress.

Friday, 6 January 2012


Welcome to our website!

Most of our content is wedding-related at the moment.

Come back soon for additional topics - especially in five months when Clara will have time to think about more than amyloid and corticospinal tracts!

Cake decorating

We will be posting our cake decorating adventures here. More to come!
Here was Clara's first fondant attempt.

Cecil Green Park House, UBC

We will get married at Cecil Green Park House at UBC.